Welcome to the Clan B5TA!

We are a Runescape community that plans on having a drama free clan where people can enjoy playing Runescape and maintain mutual respect.

We Teach:

  • All Bosses (& How To Find Teams)
  • How To Make Easy GP (10M+ / Day)
  • How To Level Efficiently

If you would like to join or contact us, please join our Discord.

To avoid getting kicked from the clan, do not go inactive for over 6 months if you are under 1,500 total level. We will not tolerate toxic individuals who only want to attack other members.¬†Any actions that violate Runescape’s code of conduct will result in getting kicked from the clan. This includes but is not limited to: Threatening Behavior, Harassment, Botting, Luring and Scamming.

Founded: September 30th, 2014 by Sir Zoop.